Inferiority and jealousy, bad habits, vicious circle are all black holes in energy.

Control your attention through meditation and build full confidence through self-discipline and growth.

it’s better to go back and make a net than to stand by the pond and long for fish

Vicious circle of negative thoughts

Using Jealousy as a Manifesting Tool
When this concept of jealousy was shared with me it was a paradigm shift.
You mean I can use what I was beating myself up about,
as a tool to help guide me towards what I DO WANT?
Hold the phone!
Don’t take away my vicitimhood.
I need something to beat myself up about…. ahhhhh..
(said the old Lisa)
It’s your choice.
You can continue to see jealousy as something that takes you down, triggering you into feeling bad about yourself and charging what you don’t have in life.
You can use this energy as a tool.—–

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

When I heard this quote, I started going where people had what I wanted and my frequency started to shift. I wanted to make more money, so I hung out with people who had money. I wanted to travel more, so I would hang out at hotels where people were traveling. I wanted to do more art, so I would go to gallery openings. Where your energy goes your life flows, it doesn’t matter if someone else has it, to me that is just proof that it’s possible.

Inquire Within Exercise:

  1. What is something that triggers jealousy in you? When someone has ____ I get jealous.
  2. Describe the kind of person you want to be?
  3. Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with?
  4. Do these people embody the qualities you are seeking for yourself?
  5. What is one thing you can do to move you closer to being what you described in number 2?


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. It doesn’t help you. It doesn’t help your relationship. It’s not going to stop anything; as a matter of fact it will probably only make something happen. Men are like children in some respects. When we were kids and our parents or teachers told us not to do something, it only made us want to do it more. The best thing you can do in a relationship is give the other person freedom. This is for two reasons: first, if someone wants to step out on you they are going to step out and there is nothing you can do. Better to find out early and be done. Second, men are attracted to confidence ( at least men worth being with ) & there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman who is confident in the relationship. It’s no fun being in a relationship and listening to insecurities. BIG turn off. With Lauryn, she is not the jealous type. I have never been tempted to step out or cheat. A lot of that has to do with me and integrity…but a big part is her attitude. She doesn’t care if I go out with friends, she’s not looking through my phone or e-mails. She just trusts me and in turn, that makes me trust her. She’s too busy to be wasting time on worry & jealousy. I like that.


By curbing the inclination to act impulsively, you can improve relationships and avoid entering the stress/rudeness vicious circle.

Article Author:
By Peter Post, Director, The Emily Post Institute
What happens to cause people to act in a rude manner? Possible moments when rudeness can rear its ugly head include:

When disagreement occurs. A discussion in which people don’t agree turns personal rather than remains focused on the issue.
When time pressure builds at work. The deadline for a column causes the author to be curt with others as he attempts to turn it in on time.
When people are asked to do more with less. Downsizing is tough on those let go, but it also places additional demands on those still on the job and leaves them wondering if they might be next.
When technology builds an electronic brick wall between people. A person receives a less-than-friendly e-mail and rather than taking the time to cool down first, fires off an angry response, starting a chain of angry e-mails.
If you had a blood pressure cuff on people at the time these situations happened, you’d see their readings increase— sometimes dramatically. In each case, it’s easy to imagine the stress level in the office or between the people involved sky-rocketing. Unfortunately, the resultant stress increases the odds for rudeness to occur, and that can lead to the stress/rudeness vicious circle.

The vicious circle begins when stress increases between people. As it increases, it leads to loss of awareness as the stressed person becomes more focused on him- or herself and not on how his or her actions are affecting others. In turn, that loss of awareness leads to actions that, at the very least, appear rude. The rudeness, in turn, ramps up the stress the affected people feel. And now all parties are ensnared in the stress/rudeness vicious circle.

Another stress factor is introduced when people act impulsively, doing the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about the consequences. For instance, Tom and Andy are having a conversation and Tom’s cell phone rings. Without thinking about the effect on Andy, Tom answers his phone, leaving Andy to think Tom is pretty rude. So Andy throws his hands up in disgust and walks away. Tom perceives Andy’s action as rude and way over the top and, suddenly, they became trapped in the stress/ rudeness vicious circle, all because of two impulsive actions: Tom answering his phone and Andy’s impulsive response to Tom’s action.

Had Tom stayed his hand for just a few seconds while his phone was ringing and focused on how answering it might be perceived by Andy, he might have chosen to send the call to voicemail. Andy would have noticed the action and instead of being frustrated with Tom, he would have appreciated the non-verbal signal that Tom considered their conversation to be more important than a phone call from who knows who.

By curbing the inclination to act impulsively, you can improve relationships and avoid entering the stress/rudeness vicious circle.

3 Biblical Truths About Envy And Jealousy

  1. Jealousy can lead to your downfall.
    For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice. – James 3:16

“Oh, did you see … and …?” “Look at her, girl I’d love to have her… ”

Jealousy. In the bible, we see that Saul was jealous of David, but to note, Saul brought his troubles upon himself.

A tool created by the devil. Jealousy will cause people to act strange and even harm people to the point of death.

What those who have this spirit upon them fail to realize is that they have their own set of gifts and blessings that God has given them, so why envy someone else and their blessing?

Also, some people with this spirit feel threatened by someone who appears to be higher than them; notice I said appear.

Just because the gift may be wrapped with the finest wrapping paper and most beautiful bow, what it holds inside may be rotten to the core.

Jealous people often times feel insecure, powerless, and doubt themselves about getting what they are jealous about.

  1. Jealousy is more detrimental than wrath or anger.
    Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy? – Proverbs 27:4

The spirit of jealousy is very detrimental among women, especially Christian woman.

Why can’t we just be happy and celebrate when our sister gets her blessing she’s been waiting/praying on, instead of eyeing her and making her uncomfortable because of the worldly way we may accuse of her getting her blessing.

If you have this spirit upon you, you may question or 2nd guess yourself and your abilities, again forgetting that what God has for you is for you along with YOUR OWN set of blessings.

Jealousy is of the flesh, and fleshy desires/acts never work out for the good of God.

Jealousy can have you so caught up that it could destroy your life, because you’re too busy noticing what she has while you could be losing everything.

When you recognize this spirit in your presence, remember you have the power of the Holy Spirit within you to overcome it; Call it out.

Move forward in Faith and ask for the covering of the Blood of Jesus. Remove yourself from that spirit and pray for that Sister.

Ask God to open her eyes so she can see her own blessings.

Show your Godly wisdom and discipline

If you feel you have this spirit upon you, STOP and REPENT!! Ask the Holy Spirit to come in and bind that spirit, so you can see your own blessings God has for you and has provided for you.

Submit to God. Have Faith and read the Word of God in the Bible. Once you are equipped with the armor of God, the attacks and spirits of jealousy will have a hard time entering your atmosphere.

  1. When you are content, you don’t have to be jealous.
    Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. 12 I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. – Philippians 4:11-12

Be content in everything God has provided for YOU! You have your own set of blessings!!

Sometimes we’re so busy counting everyone else’s blessings that we forget to count our own.

Keep your eyes on your prize! Jesus Christ!

5 Symptoms of Inferiority Complex And 5 Ways How To Overcome It

January 24, 2018

Having a down feeling after a major life setback or failure in some kind of endeavor is normal. These failures might make you feel worthless or useless.

After wallowing on your pain for a day or two, you should feel better to face another day. However, if the feelings of worthlessness is long overdue and is getting worse with the passing of days, it might indicate that you’re having an inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex prevents you from seeing your true worth and focus only on your flaws. It gives you a thousand reasons why you can’t do a thing rightly and why others perform better than you.

People having an inferiority complex think only of their weaknesses and see every situation through this lens.

Some root causes of an inferiority complex can also be traced through childhood experiences that leave a permanent dent in a child’s psyche. This child will grow up having self-doubt and feeling not good enough compared to other people.

Identifying the symptoms of an inferiority complex is the first step in overcoming it. Here are some of them and the ways to face them.

Symptoms of Inferiority Complex:

  1. You often have feelings of worthlessness.
    Feelings of worthlessness commonly arise when you keep comparing yourself with others. You have this fixed notion that everyone you see has a better life, better qualities, and better skills than you are.

You see others as entities who could never go wrong nor can have any bad days.

  1. You are overly sensitive to criticisms.
    You react quickly every time you receive criticisms. Even the most constructive ones make you shrink and doubt your abilities.

Because criticisms make you vulnerable, you choose not to say a word or do a thing.

  1. You have a preconceived idea that people don’t like you.
    Even if you’re not sure what others are thinking, you imagine that others don’t like you. Or, if you’re about to meet people, you believe that they would have a negative judgment about you the moment they see you or come to know you.

Thinking this way, you will behave in a way that others don’t approve of. Eventually, you repel others from liking you.

  1. You are submissive.
    Because you don’t feel you’re good enough, you don’t have the strength to stand for yourself. You’re submissive to the whims of others to the point of being abused by them.

Instead of finding your own voice, you settle for it as if it’s the lot life gives you.

  1. You are a perfectionist.
    You believe that everything you do has to be perfect. Whenever you fail to do something perfectly, you see it as utter failure.

Everything has to be flawless and must pass the high standards you have set upon.

Like any other personality problems, you can overcome inferiority complex by doing the inner work that helps you heal.

How To Overcome Inferiority Complex:Inferiority Complex 5 Ways How To Overcome It

  1. Get inspiration from others instead of wanting to be like them.

People are normal human beings who share the same traits as you. They also have pains, have soft spots, have rough edges, or might have been going through difficult times.

When you come to understand people, you will come to understand yourself.

Know the stories of great men and women. Their stories will give you light that you are more than what you think and your worth is more than you could ever imagine.

  1. Use criticism to your best advantage.

Whether given in a positive or negative manner, you can use criticisms to your best advantage. See criticisms as a gauge of improving yourself and not a way to put you down.

Criticisms are hints that point you to the aspects of yourself that needs improvement.

  1. Be yourself and build self-confidence.

Be the self that you want to be not the self that you think others might dislike. Begin by accepting yourself as you are.

By self-acceptance, you are giving others the reason to accept yourself too. Think and act in a manner that builds your confidence.

  1. Develop your own voice.

Realize that you weren’t born to be a doormat other people have to step on. Find the inner strength and work on it until you’re able to stand on your own and defend yourself.

Stop your negative self-talk and start with the positive ones.

  1. Practice self help therapy.

While seeking professional help is a common solution for perfectionism, self help therapy works equally good, as long as you’re determined enough to get the best out of it.

You can heal yourself by journaling, having self discipline, self monitoring, and being honest with yourself.

Keep in mind that you’re not sent into this world to be perfect; but to be happy, to live your best life, and make the small corner of your world a much better place because you’re a part of it.